Flip Off Cap Crimper

10ml Vials Manual Crimper & Crimping Machine Capping Tool for Flip Off Cap or Tear Off Cap

General Details

10ml Vials Manual Crimper & Crimping Machine Capping Tool for Flip Off Cap or Tear Off Cap


  • 1, Championraws-20A crimper for 20mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminium cap)
  • 2, Championraws  crimper for 20mm aluminium cap
  • 3, Championraws  crimper for 13mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminium cap)
  • 4, Championraws  crimper for 13mm aluminium cap
  • 5, Championraws crimper 15mm flip off cap (plastic-aluminium cap)
  • 6, Championraws crimper for 15mm aluminium cap
  • Please mind this crimper doesn’t include the vial & caps & rubber stopper .

Note: One crimper can only be used for one size of cap . When you place the order, please let us know what kind of crimper you want :


Product Description

This machine is a type of desktop three knives capping machine, the surface of the machine is made of the stainless steel material.It is easy to clean and prevent rustiness:
(A):The part of capping is made of high quality steel which is endurable,
(B): The part of knives capping is made of high quality stainless steel material and processing by heating. 

Technical Parameters

Model SG-13 SG-13A SG-15 SG-15A SG-20 SG-20A
Suited caps 13mmAL caps 13mmAL –PVC caps 15mmAL caps 15mmAL-PVC caps 20mmALcaps 20mmAL-PVC caps
Production capacity, 24-30 bottle /min
Overall Size L*W *H=300×60×80mm
Weight 1kg


Packed in original box and nice condition


1. the vial crimper, mouth and handle part all is made of the stainless steel material, it is easy to clean and rustiness.

2. every tool made by us is customized, made one by one, not by production line.

3. We has the ability to design and manufacture vial crimpers to meet special or unique requirements, so the cap sealing on bottle will be perfect, 100% matched.


1. the vial crimper is ideal for low volume crimping operations and sample preparation operations.

2. the capping is safe, credible, tight, slick, good sealing.

3. crimping machine reduced housing pumps offers a lower cost alternative to screw-on pumps, yet provides an upscale look to your finished package.
3. crimping machine is safe and practical, there is no requirement for electricity or compressed air, trouble-free operation.
4. crimping machine head is machined to precise limits, more accuracy.


1. there are 2 parts crimping head and crimping hand.

2. the hand crimper is designed and built with an adjustable pressure block in the crimper head that allows the operator to adjust the overall length of stroke that the cone moves when the seal is crimped.


1. life-long repair.

2. quality problem (except for man-made damage), return and change, all is free

3. our customer service and technical department is available to answer your questions about our product or need help to decide which one is the right one for you.



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