Liquid Filling Machine

5ml to unlimited Magnetic Gear Pump Filling Machine with 6 Heads for Liquid

General Details

Liquid Filling Machine


5ml to unlimited Magnetic Gear Pump Filling Machine with 6 Heads for Liquid




1)The gear pump is drived by magnetic power,the pump head and the motor is connectedWithout shaft.So there’s no need to worry about the burnout of the motor because of the high load of the pump.

2)Pump head and motor is imported from Japan,other components are manufactured in Taiwan,the function is steady and useful life is long.

3)Pumper head is made from 316L stainless steel,acid alkaline, corrosion-resistant.

4)The motor run is adjusted by potentiometer,the degree of accuracy of filling time can be lower to 0.01 second,so that can guarantee the filling accurately,the deviation is under 2%.

5)Filling capacity is from 5ml-any volume according to your need.

6)Fully functional,can be operated by hand,intermittent pedal filling,automatic intermittent filling.Intermittent time can be adjusted.

7)Wide application,almost can be used to filling any flow liquid,especially suitable for oil,washing fluid,Acid base solution,,High corrosion resistance liquid.

Main Parameter:

Voltage 220V 50/60Hz Cooling Mode Air cooled
Power 80W Max capacity Unlimited for water
Deviation ±2% Machine Size 450X420X300MM
Weight 45KG Capacity/min*nozzle 2L/min*nozzle



1)micro-computer control system,digital display

2)Magnetic Gear Pump

3)Automatic and manual both accepted

4)316L stainless steel,High corrosion resistance

5) 6 filling heads

Application :

1) can fill oil, juice, perfume, ink, water, etc for all containers such as bottles, jars, cans, etc

2) Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.


Warranty : 

One Year Warranty , Permanent Service


Packing List


1.Power Cord       1pcs 6.Screwdriver                                  1pcs
2.Pedal Switch     1pcs 7.Inner hexagonal wrench              1pcs
3.Filling Stand      1pcs 8.Manual Book                               1pcs
4.Filter                 1pcs 9.Guarantee Receipt                      1pcs
5.Filling Nozzle    1pcs 10.Quality Certificate                     1pcs



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